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Glass collection, recovery and recycling...

A leading French company, Recyverre specialises in the collection and processing of industrial glass waste. Recyverre recycles all types of glass waste into finished products which can be reused in various glass-based and non-glass-based applications. Co-products from the glass processing (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, PVB, ceramics and organics) are also recovered in specific processing chains. In this way, our three industrial facilities produce over 150,000 tonnes of premium quality cullet for our French and European customers each year.

We provide recycling skips for companies using glass in their industrial processes and those working in the construction industry.  These containers are used to collect glass waste and off-cuts. They are then transported to our industrial facilities to be sorted and recycled in accordance with the requirements and specifications of our end-customers.


Areas of Expertise

Complete control of the value chain


Faced with a twofold challenge, that is at once environmental and economic, we continually develop our glass waste collection methods and offer bespoke logistics solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities. Offering glass a new lease of life! Over the years, our expertise has enabled us to enhance the energy efficiency of processing methods because recycling must be part of a sustainable strategy, carried out in line with the highest ethical and environmental standards.



A fleet of 25 Euro VI trucks and a well-trained team, dedicated to good collection practice from your sites.



Aging, drying, crushing, calibration, removal of all contaminants by airflow, optical and magnetic processes. Each stage is part of our energy optimisation strategy with a constant goal of delivering ready-to-use products, free of any contaminants and perfectly satisfying your requirements. We are developing cullet processing to suit your current and future needs, offering tailored cullet specifications for bespoke solutions.


Recovery & Recycling

Versatile, proactive and dedicated, we are a trusted and proximity-based partner to help implement your strategy, whether or not it is part of a circular economy solution (Close the Glass Loop).

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