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AHuman-Scale Company

Leading flat and industrial glass recycling company

Recyverre: a company with over 30 years’ experience in collecting and recycling flat and industrial glass. Our company delivers 150,000 tonnes of cullet throughout Europe.

Our objectives: - Saving the planet’s resources by recycling your glass waste - Offering made-to-measure cullet to suit your expectations.

Preserving our planet is a key priority for Recyverre, which is why we aim to divert waste from landfill. “Safeguarding our environment by recycling together”

Since environmental challenges require collaboration, we accompany our customers in optimising their carbon neutral projects.

Thanks to the hard work of all our staff, our satisfaction rate has reached 94% and continues to rise. So what are you waiting for? Recyverre is available to satisfy your requirements. Our company ethos is  adaptability!

1984 Crouy
1994 Châtenois & Distroff
Janvier 2020 La création
Mars 2020 La consolidation
Juillet 2020 Le nouveau leader Français
Janvier 2021 L'innovation


Social values, a horizontal management structure...

At Recyverre, we are and will remain committed to complying with current regulations and implementing measures to continually improve activities to benefit our customers, employees and working environment.

We aim to become a key player in the industrial glass collection and processing market to accompany our customers in developing their business. To achieve this ambition, we will pursue and improve our quality management system (QMS) which will be brought into line with the ISO 9001 v2015 standard before the end of 2021, in parallel to our EoW certification.


Our quality system objectives are as follows:

- using our resources and processes efficiently, sustainably and profitably in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers in the short and long-term and ensure the successful growth of recycling activities.

- improving the efficiency of our quality management by establishing appropriate objectives, monitoring their achievement and implementing any resources and corrective measures required.

- continually maintaining customer satisfaction levels by offering products and services that fulfil their requirements.


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