Where are we?

ThreeState-of-the-art Sites


3 production lines

Recycling industrial glass and end-of-life windows. Manufacturing filter glass

Date established: 1984

Processing capacity: 80,000 tonnes per year

Surface area: 35,000 m²


1 production line

Industrial glass recycling

Date established: 1994

Processing capacity: 15,000 tonnes per year

Surface area: 9,000 m²


2 production lines

Industrial glass recycling and creation of decorative glass

Date established: 1994

Processing capacity: 45,000 tonnes per year

Surface area: 18,000 m²


Recyverre Logistique was launched on January 1 2021. This service is based at two sites, Crouy (Aisne) and Houécourt (Vosges), with a fleet of 15 vehicles.

To fulfil customer requirements, Recyverre Logistique boasts high quality waste collection equipment (26-tonne trucks, 44-tonne semi-trailers, hydraulic recycling cranes, visibility equipment and reversing cameras, aluminium skips, grippers, dippers, load hooks and spreaders) which ensures full safety and performance. Thanks to its operational technology, Recyverre Logistique is capable of efficiently monitoring fill rates and collection schedules, as well as reporting. On-board computing allows for: communication with the company, geolocation, GPS truck routing, compliance with ESR transport regulation, etc.

Our approach:

We hire out skips and containers (1 m³ – 40 m³) to a variety of organisations for the collection of industrial glass waste.

These are then transported to our processing plants using the above-outlined equipment.

Our collection vehicles and equipment are maintained in-house by our team of mechanics. Recyverre Logistique offers consistently high-quality and efficient service thanks to the human and material resources at our disposal.